Cosmic Cat Veterinary Clinic

220 East Main Street
Branford, CT 06405


Why Choose a Feline Exclusive Veterinary Hospital?

Simply put - because we are all about the cat!  Our office has been carefully designed to help relieve feline stress and keep your cat as calm and comfortable as possible during their visit.  With a quiet reception area that minimizes contact with other animals, pheromone diffusers that relieve anxiety, soft non-slip surfaces on examination tables, gentle handling techniques, extended appointment times that allow your cat to get comfortable with the staff and environment, and cage design with ample space and hiding places for hospitalized patients, our goal is to provide your at with the most pleasant veterinary experience possible.

Additionally, because we work only with the feline species, we are able to devote all of our energy on making sure we are up to date on the most recent advances in feline health.  Research is providing better information about feline disease prevention, diagnosis and diagnostic procedures, and treatment every day.  All the staff members at Cosmic Cat Veterinary Clinic make it a priority to be aware of these advances so we can offer your cat the very best of care.